About Us

Message From Director Sales & Operations

I will make new sales and public relations in the societies in which people live, in doing so; we are opening the door to a new era. After joining Vivid as Country Sales Manager, I will take it as a challenge to prove my managing skills and I will speak about my personal philosophy and professional expectations not only of myself.

Director Sales & Operations
Vivid Engineering Pvt. Ltd
Babar Ali Khan

Our Team

Vivid Engineering (Pvt) Limited consists of professional Application and Design engineers as well as highly skilled technicians. All of our business operations have the support of qualified managers and Post-sales Services Engineers. They altogether outperform all the tasks. Due to the teamwork, we build quality into our products and services, striving for zero defects thereby reducing cost and increasing total customer satisfaction.

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Group of Companies

VIVID Engineering Pvt. Ltd

AR Corporation




Social Responsibility

As our social responsibility, we share 5% of profit to the selective underprivileged families. We aim to increase this ratio with the passage of time.

Shaping the Future

Our combination helps us provide excellent and personalized solutions to our clients which would result in the best of their interest. By combining professional know-how and proven technology with an approach tailored to our client’s specific needs, we deliver exactly what they desire.

Vision Statement

To create opportunities for young engineers in MEP field. Our goal is that no one should be Jobless and should have enough skills to compete in competitive environment.

Mission Statement

We are striving to make Vivid Engineering, The Pakistan’s best and respected solutions provider and 24/7 back up Services Company in MEP field.